All clients must have their dogs altered by the age of 1 year old.

Following the advice of our consulting veterinarians as well as observing the behavior and interactions of female dogs in heat and male dogs who have not been neutered, the owner and manager of Mary’s Menagerie, PLLC have made the decision to only accept spayed and neutered dogs.

New Client Information Link below:

We do require a complimentary temperament evaluation to be completed prior to daycare and boarding. We will schedule an evaluation after receiving your pets information from the link above. Please remember to submit vaccination records when filling out New Client Information. If file is too big you may email separately to same email.

Keep in mind that we will need a copy of shot records from your vet clinic for any guest staying with us, including Rabies, Bordetella, and 5-Way Vaccine (DHLPP), unless you have uploaded them with the information on the link above.

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*TREATS: We do have house treats here if you forget to bring some.

*MEDICATION: If needed while staying. If they need to take their meds in something other than: cheese, peanut butter, or chicken flavor pill pocket, please bring with you.

*BED/BLANKET: Smells like home, makes them feel a little more comfortable.

*LEASH/COLLAR: They will need to be brought in on a leash. We will remove all pinch/prong/shock collars while here, so please have a nylon or leather collar on, too.

*TOYS: If they have a favorite toy/chew we can put it in their room with them.


*TOYS: We do have plenty of toys here that we sanitize if you don’t want to bring your own.

*DISHES: We do ask that you DO NOT bring dishes, unless they have a speciality dish, like a slow feeder.

*TREATS: We do always have house treats on hand.

*FOR CATS: Felines that are boarding we do have litter, litter box, cat dishes, and house cat treats.

*CALMING AIDS: We also have calming spray and chews for both dogs and cats available when needed, if you give the “Ok” to give some.

*MEDICATION: We always have sliced cheese, peanut butter, and chicken flavored pill pockets on hand if needed